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Just Married...TWICE

That's right, we got married TWICE, all thanks to the pandemic...and you know what? I ain't mad about it.

Anthony proposed to me in December 2019, little did we know a pandemic was about to him. We had quickly been organizing and planning for a big September 2020 wedding at a beautiful venue for all of our friends to join but then COVID-19 decided to change that on us. Unfortunately, the venue wouldn't allow us to cancel the event unless it was force majeure so we rescheduled our big wedding for April 2021 to not lose our deposit.

Yes, it was super stressful in the moment, but it all worked out perfectly. My brother ended up surprising us in becoming our officiant and we got married in my parents' backyard on our original date in September 2020. It was truly magical, a group of about 30 people, all close family, and celebrated marriage in the house I grew up in and where Anthony got to know my family during family dinners and gatherings.

Fast forward to April 2021, it was finally our BIG WEDDING DAY #2, and it was again perfect. We were able to invite more than double of our guests by that time from our last wedding. We had it in an indoor winery wedding with a classical dreamy ambiance.

The team we worked with, the venue and vendors were so helpful and attentive to us and our guests. We couldn't have imagined a more beautiful day and evening.

Yes, our plans weren't as we expected but it played out as it was meant to be.

Until next time!

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